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San Diego ...

    The Ideal Business Climate 

o   Known for it’s a friendly and supportive business environment.

o   Home to a full spectrum for technical and trade associates

o   Excellent source for help and support

Fun Videos to Watch

    An Extra Dimension of Service - The Movie

    Did You Know? Thoughts on Exponential Times by Karl Fisch

Civilian/Military Interface - Resources and Exercises

o   Golden Phoenix 2008 Overview

o   CivMil.org - Golden Pheonix and Related Events

o   San Diego State University - Viz Center, Homeland Defense

o   US Customs Secure Border Initiative - SBInet

o   National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue (NIUSR)

o   CivMil Industry Resources and Contacts (NIUSR)

Public Safety and Homeland Security

o   National Strategy for Homeland Security - Oct. 07

o   National Strategy for Homeland Security - Fact Sheet

o   Homeland Security - Market Outlook 2009 - 20018

o   Homeland Security Standards Database

o   Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS.gov)

o   Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) Disaster Relief Information

o   State Homeland Security Offices

o   Public Safety Technology Center - CTC

o   Responder Knowledge Base - Tursted On-Line Resource

o   System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER)

o   International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)

o   Integrated Patient Tracking Initiative (IPTI), Vendors

o   FCC Report - Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks

o   Hastily Formed Networks (NPS - Cebrowski)

Industry Resources

o   Homeland Defense Journal

o   Fire House.com

o   Police One - Video Surveillance

o   Army-Technology.com

o   Disaster Management Solutions - Patient Triage

o   Medical Connectivity Consulting

o   Mobile ID Solutions - Remote Video Surveillance

First Responder Exercises and Tools

o   Dave Coggeshall - Maplab Interactive Common Operational Picture

o   Golden Gate Safety Network GGSN

o   CA-OES Region II Fire & Rescue Branch

o   Main Event - Strong Angel III 8/06,   BLOG - Entree Wireless

o   Disaster Medical Assistance Team, DMAT CA4 San Diego,   MOBEX 2005 Exercise

Industry Papers and Press Releases

o   Knox County Deploys Warrior HotSpot for Patient Triage at 'Boomsday' Mass Causality Incident

o   Manual Triage Tag, Wi-Fi Handheld Triage Tag, Triage Tag WiKi

o   HotSpot in a Box Aids Search and Rescue, Disaster Response

o   Knox County, Mass Casualty Incident, Patient Tracking -ppt

o   3G Coverage and Performance Information

o   Wireless Technology BLOG

o   Introduction to Portable Solar Power for Emergency Response

o   Introduction to SIP and VoIP

o   SIP and VoIP Glossary

Technology Links

o   Solar Advisor Model
o   Wireless Link Budget


o   Grounding strategy for Wireless Equipment

o   Do it Yourself Antennas

Associations - Contact Entree Wireless for expert and in depth knowledge on the resources at the associations isted below

o   Who are the best contacts?

o   How do I get involved?

o   What resources available?

o   Who can help me start a new business, raise money?

o   What market segment are growing the fastest?

AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Elect. Assoc. - AFCEA-SD.org

CCAT - Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology -  CCATsandiego.org

NDIA - National Defense Industrial Association - NDIA-sd.org

SDSIC - San Diego Software & Internet Council - SDSIC.org
CommNexus - (was San Diego Telecom Council) - commnexus.org
SDSU Foundation Tech Transfer Office - Foundation.SDSU.edu/tto
SDVG - San Diego Venture Group - SDVG.org

SCFN – SoCal FreeNet - socalfreenet.org
UCSD Technology Transfer Office - invent.ucsd.edu
CONNECT- connect.org,  Springboard -  Springboard Resources, RTA SD RTA@CONNECT
vonLiebig Center for Entrepreneurism and Technology Advancement -




Entrée News

Knox County Deploys Warrior HotSpot for Patient Triage at 'Boomsday' simulated Mass Causality Incident

Press Release, Click here


Loma Linda – Entree Wireless Test Mobile Video Over Wi-Fi EVDO Gateway.
Click here


HotSpot in a Box Aids Mass Casualties in Search and Rescue and Disaster Response
here for info


Introducing!! NEW, Patient Tracking/ Disaster Management System

Portable, self contained- laptop, handhelds, long range 3G/Wi-Fi Internet access, 8 hr battery or continuous AC operation.

Optional solar charger

Click Here


Important Events !!


Communications Marketing Conference

Jacksonville, FL. Nov. 11-14, 2008, Click here


ICAP Conference

San Diego, CA Nov 8 - 12, 2008, Click here


WI-NENA - Annual Great Lakes Fall Conference. Wisconsin Dells, WI. Oct. 26th - 28th, 2008  Click Here


Illinois Emergency Management Agency Conference. Springfield, IL. Oct. 19-22, 2008. Click Here


Tennessee Emergency Number Association (“TENA”). Pigeon Forge, TN. Sep. 14-17, 2008. Click Here


NDIA 2008 Homeland Security S&T Stakeholders Conference East, Washington, CA, June 3 -5, 2008 Click Here


Port Security Training Technology Corp, San Diego, May 15 – 16, 2008 Click Here


Florida APCO-NENA State Conference. Tampa, FL. May 4 -10, 2008 Click Here


Texas Hurricane Conference. Galveston, TX. May 20-22, 2008 Click Here


Secure Border Initiative, A Virtual Fence,  Wireless, Video, Sensors, Situational

Awareness, Man Portable Mobility  Click Here


California Police Chiefs Association - Programs, Services, and Representation for Municipal Police Chiefs - Fresno, March 2 - 6,  2008 Click Here


AFCEA - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association - San Diego, CA Feb 6-7, 2008 Click Here


Strong Angel III - Homeland Defense Demo - A global response to terrorist-Avian Flu attack.

Click Here


Naval NETWAR FORCEnet Enterprise and Industry Conference, San Diego, Sept. 25-26, 2007  Click Here



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